Man Arrested For Locking Wife in Shed After She Sang "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" About His Mom


In an unfortunate display of double-sided domestic abuse, a man was arrested for assaulting his wife by locking her in the couple’s backyard shed. 

The man, 42-year-old Andrew Salmon, admitted to police that he had attacked his wife Beverley at their home. The fight began after Beverly mocked the death of her husband’s mother with a Wizard of Oz reference by repeatedly chanting “Ding dong, the witch is dead.” 

According to the Daily Mail, Andrew Salmon reacted by punching his wife, twisting her breasts, and ultimately locking her in an outdoor garden shed. Beverly managed to climb out the window of the shed and make her way back into the house, where the fight continued. 

After admitting his guilt to the local police, Salmon expressed his feelings of regret. 

“I was provoked, but I am sorry for what I have done to my wife and regret everything I did,” Salmon said. 

Still, the man pleaded guilty. He is scheduled to be sentenced at some point next month. 


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