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Man Arrested and Charged with Stealing Five Cents of Power for His Electric Car

A Georgia man was waiting for his 11-year-old son to finish playing tennis at school when he decided to plug his electric car into an exterior outlet at the school. He had it plugged in for all of 20 minutes when suddenly a local police officer showed up.

“He said that he was going to charge me with theft by taking because I was taking power, electricity from the school,” said Kaveh Kamooneh.

Twenty minutes of being plugged into the outlet only came to about five cents worth of power for his car, a number confirmed by a local electric vehicle advocacy group called Clean Cities Atlanta, but police don’t care how much or how little it was.

“I’m not sure how much electricity he stole,” said Chamblee Police Sgt. Ernesto Ford. “He broke the law. He stole something that wasn’t his.”

Ten days after the incident, police showed up at Kamooneh’s door and arrested him for theft. Now, Kamooneh is fighting the charges against him, saying that what he did does not warrant being arrested.

“I do believe that theft is theft,” said Kamooneh, “but I don’t agree that every taking without permission is theft.”

Kamooneh is reportedly talking with lawyers about what action he can take to fight the charges against him.


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