Man Arrested After Video Emerges Of What He Did To 3-Year-Old Daughter Before Her Death (Video)


A man was arrested after he allegedly drowned his 3-year-old stepdaughter by continually throwing her into a hotel pool in Mexico while her mother was sleeping in their room (video below).

The man’s actions were caught on security cameras, and the disturbing footage was posted online.

In the shocking video, the girl's stepfather can be seen repeatedly pushing the girl under the water despite her struggles, according to Inside Edition.

After throwing her, he gets into the pool and stands next to her, observing her while she fights to stay afloat without helping her in any way.

The stepfather is seen sadistically pulling her up for air, only to push her down again.

The girl frantically flaps her limbs in an attempt to stay alive.

She finally stopped breathing and was taken to the hospital. An autopsy revealed that the young girl died from secondary drowning.

The man was charged with homicide.


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