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Man Arrested After Shooting Scare At Cannes Film Festival (Video)

A shooting at the Cannes Film Festival caused a temporary panic Friday as bystanders and stars alike scrambled for cover.

A man described by police as a “crazy guy” has since been arrested following the incident, which occurred during a live TV broadcast but didn’t result in any injuries.

The man, who allegedly fired a gun loaded with blanks, was also in possession of a knife and a fake grenade, police said.

According to France 24, the man reportedly said to a bystander, “If I were you, I wouldn’t stick around here.”

“Django Unchained” star Christopher Waltz was at a nearby location prepping for an interview when the shots were fired, TMZ reported.

Friday’s shooting added a second headache to the star-studded event in just as many days.

On May 16 thieves reportedly took off with more than $1 million in jewelry from an employee of Chopra – a Swiss jewelry company.

France 24 published a report stating the thieve or thieves ripped a safe containing the jewels off a hotel wall and carried it away.

Sources: France 24, ENSTARS, TMZ


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