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Clip Of Man Drugging Child Lands Him In Jail (Video)

It's shocking enough that a teenager decided to smoke a joint with his 3-year-old nephew (video below).

But even more is that he thought it'd be a good idea to upload a video of it onto Facebook. 

Only after it went viral and outraged internet users everywhere did he take it down, the Daily Mail reports.

Authorities investigating 17-year-old Lamel Yancy for an unrelated burglary charge arrested the teenager soon afterward, KHOU reports.

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"I was disturbed, appalled by what I had seen," Sgt. Brian Dedrick said.

"The child holds this like someone would be smoking so it makes you think this is not the first time this child has been exposed to this," he explained.

In the video, which was viewed over 140,000 times before it was taken down, Yancy is in a car when he asks his nephew if he'd like a smoke.

"Wanna hit the blunt? You wanna hit the gas," he says to the child, who is sitting in the car's backseat.

The child's mother can be heard ordering the teenager not to give her son the weed.

“Don’t let him have that!" she says, but Yancy does not listen.

"Nephew I got you man... one more time, hit the blunt one more time," he adds. "Hit that s***. Hit that s***."

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When it's clear the child is inhaling too much, he intervenes.

"Hey, no, that's enough baby, that's enough... you gonna kill yourself," he said. "He about to smell. Look, he high already."

Meanwhile, the 3-year-old can be heard coughing in the background.

Authorities later arrested Yancy and charged him with endangering a minor's welfare. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 11, although it is uncertain whether or not he will be tried as a juvenile or adult.

The child is now in his grandmother's custody. It is unclear if the boy's mother will face any disciplinary action, or what medical condition the 3-year-old is in.

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