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Man Arrested After Allegedly Holding Girlfriend Captive In Her Own Apartment For Four Months (Video)

An apartment manager, a maintenance worker and police joined forces to rescue a woman who was allegedly being held captive for four months by her boyfriend (video below).

The woman had been held captive in her own Kansas apartment since April, KSHB reported. According to court documents, Anthony Allen, 34, had raped her multiple times before he was caught.

Beth Galley, manager of Lenexa Pointe Apartments, noticed something unusual when she collected the rent checks on Sunday. She found a note in one of the envelopes from a woman asking for help and immediately called police.

Authorities came up with a plan to quietly get the woman out of the apartment. They asked a maintenance worker, Mychael Reyes, to knock on the door and make up a plumbing issue.

"You know, I was nervous because I didn't know if the guy had a gun or a knife, but I went over there and knocked on the door, and I said, 'Maintenance,' and got her outside, and said the downstairs below is leaking," Reyes told KSHB.

A four-hour standoff ensued between police and Allen before he finally surrendered.

Reyes said the woman thanked him for helping to save her. He said he overheard police asking the woman if Allen had threatened her and she started crying and said, “Yes.”

Police say Allen held the woman captive from April 1 to Aug. 2. He is being held on a $500,000 bond and is charged with two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping.

Sources: KSHB, WDAF-TV

Photo Credit: WDFA-TV


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