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Man Arrested After Health Secret He Had Kept From Wife And Mistresses Is Revealed

Man Arrested After Health Secret He Had Kept From Wife And Mistresses Is Revealed Promo Image

A Michigan man is facing multiple felony charges for not telling the women he had sex with that he had AIDS.

Tyrone Pugh, 39, will appear in Wayne County Circuit Court on April 7 for an arraignment, reports FOX 2. He was charged with five counts of AIDS Sexual Penetration with an Uninformed Partner, a four-year felony in Michigan. 

Pugh's wife, Tamisha Henderson, also caught the disease from Pugh. He had contracted the disease before they married but never told her. 

"Me and him went to high school together," Henderson told FOX 2. "I thought I knew him. And for all of this to happen, I can't deal with it."

Henderson first learned she was HIV-positive in 2000 when she became pregnant and doctors informed her she carried the disease.

"When I first found out I was positive I contacted the authorities," she said. "I didn't follow up because I felt sorry for him and I was believing him."

Though she felt betrayed, Henderson ultimately decided to settle with her husband and let the matter go. Last year she decided it was time to finally leave Pugh.

She soon discovered Pugh had been hiding a lot more than she expected.

"They don't know," she said. "He's meeting them on the chat lines."

One of the women that Pugh had been sleeping with discovered she had contracted the illness from him and decided to contact every woman on his phone. 

This was how Henderson found out her husband had been meeting women online and having sex with them without informing them of his disease.

"I just feel hopeless," Henderson told FOX 2. "I think he's off the street, I might be more at peace and I can start living my life. But knowing he's out here doing this ..."

Pugh has been arrested and charged with several felonies. He pleaded guilty to two cases and his attorney has told reporters that he expects to do the same for the other three charges in a different county.

Henderson hopes to find solace in his indictment. 

"Not just for me, but for the other women I know there is other women out there, other women he has slept with," she said. "And they don't even know."

Source: FOX 2

Photo Credit: Supplied Image via FOX 2


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