Man Arrested After He Is Caught On Film Brutally Beating His Dog (Video)


Louisiana man Asani Woods has been arrested after Violet, Louisiana police found a video of him ruthlessly beating his dog.

Authorities discovered the video after Woods’ friend, Johnny Dominick, was arrested on drug charges. Police found the video of the beating on Dominick’s cell phone when they checked the phone for evidence of drug dealing.

In the video, a clearly infuriated Woods is seen beating his female pit bull named Tiger. Woods, wearing boxing gloves, beats Tiger unconscious. After the dog loses consciousness, Woods picks her up and slams her to the ground.

Here is the video:

When Woods was arrested on animal cruelty charges, he admitted to beating the dog but denied he should be charged for it.

“Yeah, that was me,” Woods told police. “What, you going to arrest me because I beat my dog because it sh*t and pissed all over my house?”

St. Bernard Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann called the video “very disturbing.” The following statement by Pohlmann is sure to resonate with a few readers.

“You hear often times about pit bulls attacking individuals,” Pohlmann said. “You know, well, this is probably one case where you would like to see the pit bull defend himself with such a brutal attack.”

Sources: ABC, Inquisitr


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