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Police: Man Made Bomb Threat To Avoid Paying Bill (Photo)

Police: Man Made Bomb Threat To Avoid Paying Bill (Photo) Promo Image

Police arrested a man after he called in a bomb threat to avoid paying a Pittsburgh restaurant for his dinner.

Witnesses say they saw Barry Clapperton, 40, try to leave Primanti Brothers restaurant multiple times without paying the bill for his sandwich, reports MLive.

A friend eventually paid Clapperton's bill, reports WPXI. Primanti Brothers was about to let him go when  they learned of bomb threats to another restaurant, Nakama, down the street.

Clapperton tried to escape, but was shot with a stun gun.

"His tab is paid," recalls witness Kenneth Gray. "They get ready to let him go and the bomb threat comes in and he takes off!"

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Authorities arrested the suspect for threats to use a weapon of mass destruction, public drunkenness and false identification to police.

Clapperton later admitted to making a false bomb threat report to avoid paying for his meal. He was unable to post bail.

News of the incident surprised many online.

"Just have to wonder what else this guy has done in the past if he thinks this is acceptable," wrote one person under MLive's comments section. "Hope he gets the max possible."

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"Proof again that beer can make you braver, but it can't make you smarter," commented another on TribLive's article about the situation.

"That's going to be the most expensive sandwich of his life," joked a third. "Hope he enjoyed it."

Clapperton is not the only person who tried to avoid paying a bill in a mind-boggling way.

On Sept. 29, a man in Panzhou, China, allegedly attempted to skip out on his hotel bill by climbing onto a telecommunications cable 200 feet high so he could escape to another building, the Daily Mail reports.

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But the man got stuck in the middle of his escape and had to be rescued by firefighters.

"The man did not suffer any injuries," said one of the firefighters. "He is safe now." 

Video of the man's shocking attempted escape captured the attention of millions on the internet, attracting more than 7 million views on Chinese social media site Weibo.

"Does he think it's OK to put his life in danger just to avoid paying for a night's stay in a hotel?" one social media user wrote.

"He really thinks he is filming some action movies, right?" added another.

"There's being thrifty and then there's this!" commented a third person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

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