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Man Arrested For 9th DUI Claims "Beer Is His Coffee"

When 58-year-old Florida man Phillip P. Jordan was arrested for his 9th DUI on Thursday morning, his excuse for being drunk so early was simple: “Beer is my coffee.”

Jordan was arrested as he attempted to drive out of a KFC restaurant. Deputy Steven Simpson was already at the KFC when an employee reported a drive-up customer in a pickup truck who appeared to be seriously impaired to point of almost falling over. He then pulled over the driver, who said that he was picking up the food for a friend.

Jordan allegedly explained to Simpson that he’d drunk an Icehouse beer for breakfast because beer was his coffee.

The truck Jordan was driving was also not his. The truck’s owner, Ann Terrell, said that Jordan had driven her to a store, then vanished in her vehicle while she was shopping.

Jordan is currently being held in Marion County jail with a bond of $15,000.

Sources: Inquisitir, NewsHour24


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