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Man Arrested For Alleged Attack On His Mother After She Told Him To Get A Job

A Muncie, Indiana, man was arrested for allegedly battering his mother, choking her and threatening her with a knife after she told him to get a job.

Jesse Randolph, 31, was driving with his mother on July 24 when he asked her to drop him off at his father’s house. She told him he had to figure out where he could find work to be allowed to stay with his father.

The mother refused to take Randolph to his ex-girlfriend’s house because she thought the girlfriend would be in danger.

She reported that her son became enraged after hearing that he would not be allowed to stay at his father’s home. She says that he said that “no one cared about him” before he broke off the car’s rear-view mirror and began hitting her with it.

He then reportedly ripped out her earring and choked her until she nearly passed out.

His mother said that after she refused to take her son to his ex-girlfriend’s home in Selma, Indiana, he took a 12-inch knife to her throat, saying, “You are going to do what I say. I have kidnapped you.”

The woman drove her son to the house in Selma, she told Deputy Randy Ogle. She then went to a church in the area and called 911.

Police said she was not seriously hurt but visibly shaken. Randolph had already left the residence when the deputies arrived.

Randolph is set to stand trial on Aug. 18 on a separate misdemeanor battery charge from November, in which the alleged victim was his father.

He will also stand trial in November for charges of attempting to deal methamphetamine, possession of meth and possession of precursors, which are outlawed substances used to make meth, reported The Star Press.

For the alleged attack on his mother, Randolph is facing charges of aggravated battery and intimidation.

His mother told police he has several drug charges pending. She says he needs help and is addicted to methamphetamine, reported The Indy Channel.

Sources: The Star Press, The Indy Channel, Wikipedia / Photo credit: Screenshot via The Indy Channel


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