Man Appears To Live Stream His Own Murder (Video)

A disturbing video (below) purportedly shows Antonio Perkins being fatally shot in Chicago during a Facebook live stream on June 15.

Right before the shots ring out, Perkins says, "Boy, stop it!"

After multiple gunshots are heard, the cell phone and Perkins drop to the ground as a car drives away, notes Homicide Watch Chicago

After the shooting, an unidentified person yells, "Tony's down!," and "Call the police!"

In a longer version of the video (below), people are heard yelling for an ambulance and saying, "You're good, Tony," several times. The audio grows more and more intense.

"He's bleeding out of his mouth and nose right now!," one woman yells.

"No, Tony!," the woman screams several times.

The scene quickly turns hysterical with people begging Perkins not to die.

Later in the video, two male voices are heard and sound like police or paramedics. A radio dispatch plays in the background.

The 28-year-old reportedly took shots to his neck and head.

Perkins was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to authorities.

The video, originally posted on Media Take Out, appeared to show Perkins hanging out with friends.

A Chicago Police Department spokesman said the video was being investigated, could not confirm that it was Perkins and added that no one has been arrested in connection with the incident, notes DNAinfo Chicago.

A Facebook user posted the long version of the video and identified Perkins by his alias Cicero Yayo, according to the New York Daily News.

The Facebook user reportedly wrote this caption: "This is a mockery to our human race!!!! This is so sad it will be impossible not to cry after listening to the family pour tears and describe what's happening. You can't even sit in front of your house and enjoy your families company anymore!!!!"



Sources: Homicide Watch ChicagoDNAinfo Chicago, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Antonio Perkins/Facebook via DNAinfo Chicago/YouTube

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