Man Hospitalized After His E-Cigarette Explodes (Photos)


A man in England ended up in the hospital with his legs severely injured after his electronic cigarette exploded.

Reports say that 48-year-old David Aspinall was smoking his e-cigarette when it suddenly exploded before him. The device reportedly overheated, and Aspinall says he was sprayed with metal from the device’s explosion.

Aspinall was able to stumble over to his neighbor’s house to ask for help and was quickly taken to the hospital. The injuries to his leg caused him to lose an liter of blood, and doctors say that he could very easily have lost his legs from the accident.

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"It glowed and burned in my hand. I dropped it and it exploded,” Aspinall explained. “It could have blown my head off. I thought I’d lose a leg. I’m just glad I’m alive. The surgeon said it was like someone had used a gun."

Aspinall now says he has quit smoking e-cigarettes and gone back to smoking regular ones, as he says they are “safer.”

This isn’t the first time an e-cigarette has exploded, as reports say there have been multiple instances. Back in August, another English man died after he e-cigarette exploded and set fire to an oxygen container.

In Aspinall’s case, the shop that he purchased the device from blames faulty batteries for the explosion.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Mirror UK


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