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Man Allegedly Shoots And Kills Puppy For Pooping On His Lawn

Jessico Ramirez, 19, is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s puppy using a pellet gun.

Ramirez told reporters at KPRC 2 why he killed the puppy, named Halo. "He was pooping all over the yard so I had to shoot him," he said. "I don't feel bad.”

Halo’s owner, Noe Torres, was out of town at the time. "It was sad. That was my best friend. It was the only thing I ever came home to," he said. 

Torres said Ramirez has shot and killed neighborhood animals before, although he’s only facing charges related to Halo’s death. Ramirez didn’t deny shooting at other animals in his Houston, Texas, neighborhood. "I had a pellet gun so I shoot every animal that came around here," he said. 

Torres said, “(Ramirez) needs mental help. He needs to be locked up.” Torres only owned Halo for six months before the puppy was shot.

When asked what he’d do if an animal came near his property again, Ramirez responded: “I’ll throw a rock or something and tell it to get out of here.”

Source: KPRC 2

Image via KPRC 2


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