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Man Allegedly Robs Lemonade Stand For $30

Two 13-year-old girls were working at their lemonade stand in Rancho Cucamonga, California, on July 15 on when they were reportedly approached by 18-year-old Santini Tate, who asked them for some lemonade.

Although Tate wasn’t able to pay for the drink, the girls gave him lemonade and they parted ways. A short while later, he allegedly returned and overturned the lemonade stand before snatching their pink and turquoise money box, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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One of the girls’ brothers confronted Tate and retrieved the box, but Tate had already made off with the $30 it contained.

Deputy Beau Butters later picked up Tate, who still had $30 in cash on his person at the time of his arrest, KTLA reported. Tate, of Riverside, California, was taken to the West Valley Detention Center on suspicion of strong robbery.

Investigators are looking into whether or not he is linked to other crimes reported that day.

Sources: KTLA, Los Angeles Times Image via Joshua Ommen/Flickr


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