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Man Allegedly Looking For Drugs Accidentally Texts Narcotics Captain

A man from Martin County, Florida, made a huge mistake when he accidentally texted a narcotics captain with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in an alleged attempt to buy and sell drugs.

According to Martin County Sheriff’s officials, William Lamberson, 29, thought he was texting a friend in his attempt to get a hookup for drugs, NBC 24 reports. The text messages between the captain and Lamberson resulted in a meet, in which he was arrested. The text messages are as follows:

"SUSPECT: Hey Bro.

COP: Who is this?

SUSPECT: Its Will, remember we met at 7-11 LOL

COP: What's up

SUSPECT: Not much dude wanna smoke so bad u have any green

COP: I don't know you. Send me a pic.

SUSPECT: hey bro what good wit ya

COP: How much to lookin for

SUSPECT: Was just saying whassup lol

COP: Lol. Whassup. Chillin here. You got any hooks for sum blow

SUSPECT: I actually do man. Lol

COP: Can you get me an 8

SUSPECT: too =) and it's a solid connect too u looking for a ball

COP: Yah man. Hook a brotha up

SUSPECT: OK I gotchu bro. They're all bagged up in .6 bags that cool

SUSPECT: I just gotta swing thru my boys house. Its not stomped on either"

Lamberson went to meet his "bro" on Sept. 1 to sell cocaine but instead encountered Martin County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives, WACH reports.

Lamberson was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

Sources: NBC 24, WACH / Photo credit: NBC 24


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