Man Allegedly Hits And Kills Cyclist With His Truck While Receiving Oral Sex

Randy Joe Allen, 54, was reportedly receiving oral sex from a female companion while driving through Aburndale, Florida, when he allegedly hit 49-year-old Terry Lamunt Ross with his vehicle.

Ross was thrown from his bicycle as Allen allegedly drove away. Ross was later pronounced dead at the scene, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

A witness saw the fatal collision and asked her father to follow the truck and write down the license plate number while she called for help. They then drove back to help Ross and gave police a detailed description of the driver and the vehicle.

Police found Allen at Liquid Larry’s Bar and he admitted he was drinking earlier that day. Allen reportedly told police he hit something while driving, but that he thought it might have been a guard rail or stop sign.

The sheriff’s office said Allen, of Polk City, was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash, but he could be facing more charges soon pending the results of a blood test. Allen has seven prior arrests, including a DUI, WFLA reported.

The woman in Allen’s company at the time told investigators that she heard a bump against the pickup truck while performing oral sex on him, but that he told her it was a stop sign.

Sources: WFLA, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: WFLA

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