Oklahoma Man Arrested After Allegedly Decapitating Grandmother


A 20-year-old Oklahoma City man was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder for allegedly shooting and decapitating his grandmother and another man.

Quinton Laster was detained by police shortly after 2 p.m. Feb. 9 after a neighbor called 911, KOKH reported.

Gerald Lyon described how Laster appeared at his home just before 2 p.m..

“I said ‘What is it?’ and he said ‘Somebody killed my grandma,’” Lyon told KOKH.

Lyon noticed Laster was carrying a weapon.

“I said ‘Well you need to call 911 if you’ve done that,’ and he said, ‘I’m thinking about it,'" Lyon continued. "I said ‘Thinking about it? You need to do it.’”

Officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) arrived soon after and arrested Laster outside his grandmother’s property.

“He was nervous and he was scared,” Lyon said of Laster. “He didn’t act violent, just frightened.”

After proceeding inside, they found the decapitated bodies of Laster’s grandmother Sharon Reed, 59, and James Reed, 78, who was reportedly Sharon's husband.

Sharon had run a daycare facility from her home for over 20 years, and three children were on site when the attack happened. They were found in the home’s garage.

“Luckily, they weren’t injured in any way, shape or form,” Sgt. Ashley Peters of the OCPD told KFOR.

They were later safely reunited with their families.

“It was a crushing blow,” Hal, another neighbor, told KOKH. “They were a really down-to-earth, absolutely perfect couple.”

He added that he had been at home at the time of the incident.

“[I] didn’t hear any screaming, just some unusual noises,” he said.

No details on a possible motive for the killings have been reported. Laster now faces two charges of first-degree murder.

Four decapitations have occurred in the state since September 2014.

Sources: KFOR, KOKH / Photo credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via KFOR, CNN

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