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Man Allegedly Attempts To Smuggle Heroin In Foreskin

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A man traveling from China to Tibet by train reportedly attempted to smuggle heroin across the border in his foreskin.

Officers were carrying out routine checks on passengers traveling from Beijing to Lhasa when they decided that the smuggler was behaving strangely. After asking the man to take a urine test, officers found traces of morphine. However, they found no drugs on his clothing.

Officers then interrogated the smuggler, who admitted to carrying a small plastic wrap of heroin containing one-tenth of a gram in his foreskin. The man was then arrested.

A photo of the smuggler was later shared on Twitter by the South China Morning Post.

The arrest follows an attempt from the Chinese government to crack down on drug use. Some 600,000 drug users were punished in 2014 by Beijing authorities. This year, Beijing Railway Police have caught six people so far smuggling drugs from Beijing to Lhasa.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Mirror

Photo Credit: NY Daily News, WikiCommons


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