Man Admitted To Psychiatric Ward After Handing Out Money To Needy


A man that had been spotted walking around Halifax and giving away money to strangers has been admitted to a psychiatric ward in the area. 

According to the National Post, the “mystery man” had been on vacation in the city, and he had spent his time giving money of various amounts to strangers on the streets. 

The man was ultimately discovered to be Richard Wright. The discovery was made by mental health authorities, who apprehended Wright and took him to the local psychiatric ward. 

Wright’s teenage daughter Chelsey claims that her father was simply attempting to do some good for the world. In a Facebook post, she explained that there is nothing wrong with her father. 

“They think he is sick and has mental issues ... but I know he does not,” Chesley wrote. 

According to Yahoo News, Wright would say a variety of things after giving away the money, including instructing recipients to “thank God” or to pass the act of kindness along. Wright also reportedly told one recipient that Nikola Tesla was working on free energy but was forced to abandon the project due to outside forces that wanted financial control. Wright positioned himself as a sort of modern day Robin Hood, giving to those that need the money most. 

A Facebook group has been set up by members of Anonymous in support of Wright, named #OpFreeRichardWright.


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