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Man Admits Seizing 6-Year Old, Raping Her In Backyard

An Ohio man has confessed to police that he abducted a sleeping 6-year-old from her bed and raped her in the backyard of her home. 

As part of a plea bargain with Ashland County prosecutors, Brock Martin, 26, pleaded guilty Nov. 14 to six felony charges, including one count of aggravated burglary, one count of kidnapping, and two counts of rape, Mommy Page reports. 

According to The Associated Press, in August 2015, Martin reportedly pushed a fan out of a bedroom window in an Ashland home and seized the girl from her bed. Martin then raped the little girl in her backyard until someone in the house saw Martin committing the crime, interrupted him and chased him a short distance before calling on a neighbor to dial 911.

Police officers employed a police dog to track down Martin and arrest him. 

Once in police custody, Martin confessed to breaking into another home in a bid to carry out a rape and standing over a sleeping woman in her bed. He ran away when he detected the woman's husband walking down the hallway after arriving home from work, the Daily Mail reports. 

In 2013, Martin also pulled a 13-year-old girl out of her home during a sleepover but was stopped before he could assault the teen. He fled the scene.   

Police say Martin did not know his victims and selected them all at random. 

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During the Nov. 14 hearing, one of the relatives of the 6-year-old victim called Martin "one sick f***" while exiting the courtroom.  

The rapist gave his consent to a sentence of life in jail without parole and agreed to contribute $3,000 in restitution payment for the victim's medical costs. 

Martin first pleaded innocent in court by reason of insanity but a judge ruled that he was sane enough to stand trial.  

Ohio police are currently conducting a pre-sentencing investigation into Martin's background; the rapist will face sentencing on Dec. 19. 

Sources: Mommy Page, AP via CBS NewsDaily Mail / Photo credit: geralt/Pixabay, Ashland Police Department via Daily Mail

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