Man Adds More Confederate Flags To Home After Charleston Shooting

A Rocky Mount, North Carolina, man's home has had Confederate flags on display for many years.

According to The Smoking Gun, Edward Lee West, 71, has actually added more Confederate flags following the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting that has resulted in numerous major retail chains, including Walmart and Amazon, to stop selling Confederate-themed merchandise.

West’s Rocky Mount neighborhood has a large African-American population. In a photo taken three years ago by a Google Street View car, his home may be seen with around nine Confederate flags scattered among the property.

A photo taken recently shows the number of flags has tremendously multiplied. WITN reports that West now has 150 Confederate battle flags on his property.

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West was asked what the Confederate flags mean to him.

"One hundred percent, it means I got my own property and nobody can tell me what to do with it,” West said.

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The flags are located in West’s front and back yards, on his fence, and on the roof of his home. He also has “no parking” and “no trespassing” signs scattered around, as well as barbed wire.

Some of West’s African-American neighbors say they do not mind him and that he is a nice guy. Others think he is trying to intimidate them and view the flags as a sign of hate.

According to Rocky Mount city officials, West is not breaking any laws or codes by having the flags on his private property. A spokesperson for the city said no complaints have been made against West.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, WITN

Photo Credit: WITN


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