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Man Is Acquitted After Killing Mom Because He Thought She Was A Genie

A Singapore man repeatedly stabbed his mother to death because he thought she was a genie. He was acquitted on Wednesday of the murder charges.

Mohamed Redha Abdul Mutalib, 32, was acquitted of murdering Asnah Aziz, 56, a widowed religious teacher, on the grounds of temporary insanity. At the time he was under the influence of Dextromethorphan, a drug known to cause psychotic effects and vivid imagination.

“Its resultant psychedelic and psychotic effects did indeed cause him not to know his actions were wrongful,” psychiatrist Kenneth Koh, who examined Redha in February 2012, said. Court documents showed that he had a history of drug abuse and took the pills as a “way to meet God.”

According to Channel New Asia, Redha heard voices telling him to slap his mother and kill her. After stabbing Aziz repeatedly with two kitchen knives, he climbed out the kitchen window and onto a neighboring flat’s roof before returning to his unit and stealing $374.

Redha then took a car belonging to a driving school from a car park and drove away. Singpare Civil Defense Force officers found him in Queenstown after receiving a message about an injured man. He was taken to the hospital and later arrested.

Aziz’s son-law found her in the flat later on in the day.

Sources: Channel News Asia, Asia One


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