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Man Accusing Of Beating Girlfriend, Beheading Her Cat (Video)

Michael Trudeau is accused of biting off part of his girlfriend's ear, beating her, beheading the woman's cat and threatening to kill her.

Police in Chaska, Minnesota, responded to a call last Sunday night at an apartment complex where they found the unidentified woman covered in blood, noted CBS Minnesota (video below).

The woman told police that Trudeau drank vodka all afternoon and then turned mean. notes that the woman claimed Trudeau choked her until she passed out, smashed her face into the floor, displaced her retina by gouging her eyes and pushed an umbrella down her throat.

In an effort of self-defense, the woman bit Trudeau's finger, so he allegedly bit off part of her ear.

She said Trudeau allegedly killed her cat in her living room three weeks earlier by cutting its head off with a pair of kitchen scissors. The woman claimed Trudeau threatened to kill her if she told anyone, so she kept quiet.

The woman was able to escape to her landlord's apartment and call the cops.

Police said that Trudeau was “extremely agitated” and told officers to shoot him. Instead, the cops tased and arrested him. Trudeau was charged with assault, terroristic threats and animal cruelty.

If he's convicted, Trudeau could spend up to 34 years in jail.

Doctors tried to re-attach the missing part of the woman's ear, but were not able to do so.

Sources: CBS Minnesota,
Image Credit: Chaska Police Department Media Handout


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