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Man Uses Hair Pick To Assault Two Children

Man Uses Hair Pick To Assault Two Children Promo Image

A California man was arrested after using a hair pick to attack two young kids.

The incident occurred on Jan. 17. Grant Blanchette, 35, approached two juveniles and began screaming at them, the Daily Mail reported. It is unclear what prompted the suspect to yell at the victims.

"When the juveniles told Blanchette to leave them alone, Blanchette pulled out a hair pick and chased the two juveniles," the Simi Valley Police Department said in a news release. "The juveniles ran home and notified their parents of the incident."

The victim's parents called police. Authorities then searched for Blanchette and were able to locate him. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

Blanchette is currently detained at Ventura County Main Jail. Several social media users had mixed reactions to the charges filed against Blanchette.

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"'Hair pick' as a deadly weapon?" questioned one Facebook user on Nixle's site. "Isn't that like a big comb?"

"Sounds a little scary to me," wrote another. "I wouldn't want to get stabbed by a hair pick."

"It's not the weapon but the nut job behind the weapon," added another user.

While a hair pick may be considered an unusual weapon, it is fair from the strangest to be used in a crime.

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Photographer Ed James put together a project featuring 10 everyday objects that have been used in actual murder cases around the world, the Daily Mail reported. The items included: stilettos, a jar of pickles, a crucifix, a spatula, a guitar, a toilet tank lid, a pen, a spoon, a bowling ball and a brick.

James, who was 43 years old at the time, said the photos were meant to unsettle spectators and arouse their curiosity.

"This set of ten images show the strange and sometimes bizarre items that people have used to kill with," James, who lives in Athens, told the Daily Mail. "I wanted each item to be unusually lit and out of context to mirror the way that the killers used them. The work should make people uneasy yet intrigued."

James said he researched several horrifying murder cases for his project. He said he decided not to include the identities of the suspects.

"I did not want to use names as these were all real crimes I thought that a brief description of place, age [and] sex would be appropriate," the photographer explained. "The objects are not the actual murder weapons that were used, I wanted to just use clean everyday objects [and] thought that this would best illustrate there bizarre use."

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