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Man Accused of Trying to Strangle Girlfriend Who Wouldn't Kiss Him (Video)

Brent Bruwelheide was arrested in Bellingham, Wash., on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to kill his girlfriend because she denied him a kiss on June 8.

According to the Bellingham Police Department, Bruwelheide held his girlfriend on the floor of their home, repeatedly punched her face and body, and tried to choke her to death with a phone-charger cord, reports KIRO (video below).

The unidentified woman told police that Bruwelheide was furious because she didn't give him a kiss goodnight. Bruwelheide accused her of cheating and then allegedly began the beating.

Bruwelheide was arrested and locked up in the Whatcom County Jail on suspicion of second-degree attempted murder and domestic violence, reports The Bellingham Herald. His bail was set at $1 million.

Bruwelheide reportedly has a 2007 conviction for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, a 2009 conviction of third-degree assault and a 2005 conviction for fourth-degree assault on an ex-girlfriend.

Sources: KIRO and The Bellingham Herald


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