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Watch: Man Accused Of Stolen Valor Gets Called Out At Bar (Video)

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A man in Florida was caught on video wearing an Army Combat uniform and claiming to be an infantryman in an apparent attempt to get free drinks and pick up girls.

In a video posted online last week, a man approached the alleged service member and began to ask him simple questions about basic and boot camp training. The unidentified uniformed man said he did basic training in Miami, but was quickly corrected and informed that basic training is actually conducted in Fort Benning, Georgia.

“This guy was trying to pick up girls and get sympathy drinks in a battle ready uniform which wasn't even on properly let alone, wearing it at a bar,” the video description read. “So we asked a few basic questions which threw him off and couldn't answer even where he got his infantry training or even boot camp for that matter... he's a scum to America and we couldn't let that fly.”

The uniformed man was hit with a series of additional questions, then asked to present his name badge. He told the young man that he “took it out” because he didn’t want anyone to know his name.

“Do you realize what you’re doing is a federal offense? Where is your Geneva Conventions identification card?” the angry young man asked the fake service member. After calling the man out for his appalling attempt to pose as an infantryman, things began to get tense. The now-exposed fraud started shouting obscenities at the young man and getting aggressive, maintaining the entire time that he was, in fact, in the military.

“I’m in the f**king army, motherf**ker!” the uniformed man shouted after the young man who exposed him angrily exclaimed that there were men and women who died in the uniform he was wearing so proudly.

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

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