Man Accused of Shooting Teen Who Asked Him Not to Ride Lawnmower in Her Yard (Video)


A 17-year-old girl was reportedly shot multiple times by a neighbor on Monday evening in Eckles Township, Minn.

The teen was shot three times while standing on the deck of her home at about 10 p.m., but was able to crawl inside and call 911.

“The victim herself was able to describe what had happened and talk to us and tell us that she’d simply been shot when she stepped out of her house to check on her dogs,” Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp told CBS Minnesota (video below).

According to the teen, she had told a neighbor, Chad Pickering, not to drive his lawnmower over her yard. She also claimed that he wore a pistol and holster.

The teen was taken to a local hospital after being shot in her chest, right thigh and left ankle. Fortunately, none of her major organs were injured, and she was stabilized.

Sheriff's deputies found three .45-calibre shells in the grass near the teen's deck. They later searched the home of Pickering where they found a .45-calibre semi-automatic handgun in an air vent, reports

Deputies also claimed that Pickering eventually admitted to shooting the teen twice. He was charged with attempted first-degree murder, and his bail was set at $300,000.

Sources: and CBS Minnesota


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