Man Accused Of Shooting Teen Dead For Laughing May Go Free


The unnamed man who allegedly shot a 13-year-old boy dead for laughing may go free if police cannot find a cooperating witness.

The victim, Kobe Jones, 13, reportedly laughed when he found his neighbor angry after his Gary, Indiana, home was found burglarized.

The neighbor’s response was to shoot Kobe 9 times; the teen died at the scene, reports The New York Daily News.

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“I was told my son was laughing and the guy shot him dead,” Kobe’s father, Kaunda Jones said.

After finding his home burglarized, “he started then, up and down the street, knocking on doors and wanting to know who broke into his home,” Detective Cpl. James Nielson said of the 30-year-old suspect. This went on for hours and culminated in the shooting of Kobe on his own front porch.

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The man and his girlfriend fled after the shooting; they returned around 7 p.m. and were taken into custody by police.

Without eyewitnesses who can testify that the neighbor shot Kobe, he may be set free.

“We know there were a lot of people out there when he was ranting and raving, but no one wants to tell us what they saw,” Cmdr. Del Stout said to the Post-Tribune.

According to Detective Cpl. Nielson, the shooting suspect told police he had just been released from Kane County Jail the day of the burglary, and shooting.

Photo Source: The New York Daily News


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