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Man Accused of Shooting Mom’s Boyfriend Over Mixed-Race Grandkids (Video)

Jeffery Daniels was arrested in Smith County, Miss., for allegedly shooting and beating his mother's boyfriend, Craig Wilson, who has mixed-race grandchildren, last Friday night.

After Daniels came to Wilson's home screaming racist remarks, the two men got into an argument over Wilson's grandchildren, which led to the alleged shooting and beating (video below).

Daniels was charged with aggravated assault. However, because Daniels and Wilson are both white, there was not a hate crime charge even though the motive appears to be racial hatred, noted Reuters.

"All [Daniels is] talking about is the fight itself," said Smith County Sheriff Charlie Crumpton.

About two weeks before the shooting, a cross was burned in front of Wilson's house, but the person(s) responsible is not known.

"[Craig] told everybody that he would die for his children and to him the grandchildren are like his and he almost paid the price this weekend," Julie Wilson, the victim's sister, told WTOC.

"We are [calling this a hate crime] because there was a cross burning previously, two weeks ago that police were called to but there was no incident report filed with Smith county and we still have the cross," added Julie.

Sources: Reuters, WTOC (Image Credit: Smith County Sheriff's Office Handout)


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