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Man Arrested For Allegedly Putting Girlfriend's Baby In Clothes Dryer

A man from Grand Traverse, Colorado, has been accused of putting his girlfriend's 21-month-old baby in a clothes dryer and turning the machine on. 

Dustin Boyd Holdaway, 33, faces two felony charges for first-degree child abuse and torture after he was arrested for burning the toddler boy by putting him in a dryer and running it, reports Traverse City Record-Eagle. If convicted, Holdaway faces life in prison.

The suspect reportedly dated the child's mother for several months and, during that time, she told Michigan State Police he often helped her watch her son. The incident allegedly took place on March 27 while the woman and her son were sleeping at Holdaway's house, reports

The woman said she woke up at around 7:30 a.m. to the sound of her son crying. She found her baby in the room where he usually sleeps with his face covered in blood. When she tried to wash the blood off, his skin peeled away and she then noticed he had burns and bruises all over his body. She said there was no one in the house besides her, her son and Holdaway, and that Holdaway had once "jokingly told her that he put (her son) in the dryer and turned it on," according to court documents. The dryer was located in the basement of the house.

The woman immediately took her child to Munson Medical Center and he was later transported to DeVos Children's Hospital, where doctors discovered his wounds matched the size of the dryer's open apertures. 

The toddler is currently in foster care and has significant scarring, but is recovering from his wounds, according to Grand Traverse County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg. Michigan State Police are requesting that charges be brought up against the mother, as well, but a final determination has not been made yet.

Holdaway is being held on $500,000 cash bond or surety bond. 

Sources: Traverse City Record-Eagle,

Photo Credit: Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office


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