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Man Accused of Punching Woman in McDonald's Drive-Thru (Video)

Howard Wilson, 68, was arrested after allegedly hitting a female customer in a McDonald's drive-thru in Winter Haven, Fla. last Saturday night.

The car that Thomas was riding in reportedly pulled ahead of Wilson's vehicle in a double drive-thru lane.

In a cell phone video (below), shot by another customer, Wilson gets out of his car to confront Thomas, reports ABC News.

Thomas opened her passenger side door while Wilson argued.

According to My Fox Tampa Bay, Wilson was heard (by witnesses) using profanity and racial slurs.

Their verbal confrontation lasted about two minutes and ended with Wilson allegedly hitting Thomas and walking away from her car.

In the video, Wilson is seen swinging his fist into Thomas' car, but it is impossible to see any actual contact.

Wilson drove off, but police tracked him down later at home, noted WPTV.

Wilson told police officers that he was “at the passenger door of the vehicle for no more than 15 seconds," reports UPI.

After being shown the cell phone video, Wilson changed his version of the story and told police, “It was like a road rage incident.”

Wilson was charged with simple battery, booked into the Polk County Jail. He has and released on bond.

Sources: ABC News, UPI, My Fox Tampa Bay, WPTV


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