Man Accused Of Murder And Linked To Pregnant Mom's Disappearance May Get Off On Technicality


Although Ronald Roldan is accused of attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend, he might walk free.

Roldan, 35, won a huge court victory to be freed from prison on Jan. 20, all based on a technicality. Roldan pleaded not guilty on that day to four charges, including attempted murder, reported Daily Mail.

Roldan’s case was set for May 16, but a judge threw out evidence collected under a search warrant of Roldan’s ex-girlfriend, Vickey Willoughby’s, home in North Carolina on a technicality. According to Assistant District Attorney Peter Strickland, the warrant was too broad.

Roldan’s case began five years ago when Bethany Decker, then 21, disappeared from her Virginia home. Roldan and Bethany had been having an affair while Betnany’s husband was on tour of duty in Afghanistan.

When her husband returned, he and Bethany, who was pregnant at the time, tried to patch up their marriage. On a seemingly happy evening on Jan. 28, Bethany disappeared.

Two weeks later, Bethany’s friend began receiving messages from her Facebook account. The friend believed it was someone trying to impersonate her, as the use of the English language wasn’t good.

Police in Loudon County, Virginia, refuse to give up on the case and have insisted there are no other suspects. Detective Steven Schochet noted that he is still interviewing people to find out what happened to Bethany, whose body has never been found. 

 Sources: WUSA, Detroit Newstime / Photo credit: WUSA 

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