Man Accused of Making Bomb Threats to Get Out of Work

James Bea allegedly sent numerous bomb threats in texts and emails to his co-workers at Jack Henry and Associates in Seattle, Wash., and other company locations just to get out of work.

The threats were also directed at himself to throw off suspicion, claim prosecutors.

“The defendant orchestrated a sophisticated, calculated scheme that delivered waves of terror for weeks, permeating a multi-state company and leaving many people fearful to come to work,” say court papers.

According to KIROTV, one of the threats stated:

Hello Tom. I know you are wondering who this is, but we will get to that later. I’ve watched you for the past 6 months. Where you work, which route you take home, where you grocery shop, where you go for drinks, where that pretty little girlfriend of yours works; need I go on? What do I want you may be wondering?

I want you and the rest of your staff to evacuate the building. Failure to do so will harm not only your pretty soon to be wife, but everyone who works for you. I have planted and will detonate 18 C4 explosives in exactly 30 minutes. Take this as a joke, and your staff’s lives will be in your hands.

Vocativ.com reports that Bea allegedly sent this threat to himself and took the day off from work:

So there it is, my warning to you: DON’T SET ONE FOOT ON JACK HENRY PROPERTY TOMORROW.

Seattle police traced the messages back to Bea and arrested him in the home that he shares with his girlfriend in Tacoma, Wash. on May 12.

Bea is also accused of using the credit card accounts of several people who belonged to banks that hired Jack Henry and Associates.

He is charged with two counts of making threats to bomb or injure property, but there are more charges expected.

Bea is being held in the King County Jail on a $100,000 bail.

Sources: KIROTV and Vocativ.com


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