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Man Arrested, Accused Of Having Sex With Dog

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A Glens Falls, New York, man pleaded not guilty to accusations of sexual contact with a dog, along with accusations of marijuana and weapons possessions.

Gene Warner was ordered to Warren County Jail after failing to post $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bail bond on charges of criminal possession of marijuana, misdemeanor sexual misconduct and criminal possession of a weapon, the Post Star reported.

Warner was first arrested on March 2 after Queensbury police pulled him over and found weapons, over a pound of marijuana and $86,000 in cash in his 2013 BMW. His home was subsequently searched, where officers found several more pounds of drugs as well as a rifle.

Warner's heaviest charge was allegedly dismissed because one of the weapons police found turned out to be a pellet gun. That charge was second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Police discovered video during the search that reportedly showed 36-year-old Warner having sex with a dog, though charges for the sexual contact were not brought up during a recent arraignment. The local SPCA are still making attempts to locate the dog seen in the clip.

The dog was described as a male yellow Labrador retriever, and has changed homes several times, according to SPCA president and animal control officer Jim Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald said he hopes to have the dog examined by a veterinarian once it is located and ensure that it's given a good home.

Warner's roommate, James Barber, also pleaded not guilty to a felony marijuana possession charge following the search of their home. He hasn't been linked to the abuse of the animal.

"My client maintains his innocence to these charges," Barber's lawyer, Mike Stern, said.

Both Warner and Barber have prior felony convictions.

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In a similar case in October of 2015, a Pennsylvania man was accused of having sex with his girlfriend's dog. He was charged with sexual intercourse with an animal as well as animal cruelty, and arrested on $500,000 bond, WTAE reported.

Sources: Post Star (2), WTAE / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Flickr, Post Star

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