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Man Accused Of Having Sex With A Puppy

Freddie James, 79, of Orangeburg, South Carolina, has been accused of having sex with a puppy. He’s been arrested and charged in connection with the crime, WVUE reported.

According to an incident report from the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office, officers responded to a home in Vance where an acquaintance of James lived. She told the officers that a neighbor had said someone was having sex with her dog in her yard.

The unidentified neighbor said James hit the dog and then proceeded to have sex with the animal.

Authorities said the knees of James’ pants were dirty, but the rest of his pants were clean.

According to the incident report, "the puppy was scared, shaking, and trying to hide under a car.”

The dog owner's mother claimed that James admitted to doing "the same thing to a little girl years ago and nobody did anything to him," the incident report stated.

James was arrested and taken to jail. His bond was set at $1,000.

Sources: WVUE, WACH / Image via Winsker/Pixabay


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