Man Accused Of Having Sex With Dead Woman In Public (Photos)

Man Accused Of Having Sex With Dead Woman In Public (Photos) Promo Image

In Las Vegas, a man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a dead woman in public.

Joseph G. Martinez, 57, was arrested on July 2 by Las Vegas police after they were notified of a sexual assault on the side of a road, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The alleged sexual assault occurred in a flower planter box, reports the Daily Mail.

Police found a deceased woman at the scene and charged Martinez with one count of unlawful sexual penetration of a dead body. The victim had no identification on her, and was presumed to be homeless, according to the arrest report.

Although Martinez told police that the woman was alive when he met her, a coroner determined she had died two to four hours before the alleged sexual incident occurred.

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SexInfo Online, a website published by the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, defines necrophilia as "a paraphilia which involves an individual sexually aroused by fantasies of or actual sexual contact with a deceased person."

The site, which is "devoted to comprehensive sex education based on the best research we have to date," explains that sex between the necrophile and the corpse "may range from penile-vaginal intercourse to anal intercourse, oral sex, or masturbation in the presence of a corpse."

Corpses are obtained by various methods. "Some necrophiliacs seek jobs at mortuaries or coroners' offices where they have easy access to dead bodies," the site notes. "A few necrophiliacs may hire prostitutes to apply white makeup and pretend to be dead."

Necrophilia is believed to be rare, though the accuracy of existing data is uncertain, considering that the act is typically carried out in secret and the corpses are not capable of reporting the crime.

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In some cases, the corpse was known to the perpetrator in life. "Having sex with a departed loved one may also be symptomatic of a romantic obsession, or an extreme denial that the loved one has passed," the site continues. "The surviving individual attempts to use sexual activities to maintain a fantasy relationship with the departed. The necrophile may view sexual actions as loving and affectionate."

SexInfo offers this advice for necrophiliacs: "Individuals who want to stop being attracted to corpses may benefit from sexual therapy for atypical turn-ons and seeing a professional councilor or therapist, especially one who specializes in sexual paraphilias."

As for Martinez, he is being held at Clark County Detention Center without bail.

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