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Man Accused of Firing Rifle at Neighbor Hanging Christmas Lights (Video)

Richard Carter was arrested last Saturday afternoon for allegedly firing a rifle at his neighbor who was hanging Christmas lights in their Munhall, Pa., neighborhood.

Carter was asked by CBS Pittsburgh why he shot at his neighbor, Don Lesser, who used to be his best friend (video below).

“Personal reasons, problems… uhh, a lot of people know about this,” stated Carter. “I’ve been fighting this for two years.”

Lesser wasn't directly hit, but a fragment of a bullet reportedly did ricochet and wound his lip.

According to Munhall Police, Carter barricaded himself inside of his house for three hours before finally surrendering to a SWAT team and negotiators.

Inside Carter's home, police found two dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammo, noted the Associated Press.

Munhall Police say that Carter is very paranoid about government agencies and posted some anti-government signs outside his house.

“He has some mental health issues that were aware of. I’ve spoken to him at length on a few different occasions,” stated Munhall Police Chief Patrick Campbell.

Carter has been charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, Associated Press


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