Man Accused of Filming Doctor Exam Rooms with Drone


David Beesmer was arrested yesterday for allegedly flying a drone outside the exam room windows of a doctor's office in Ulster, New York.

According to the New York State Police, patients and medical staff saw the drone flying outside the windows of several rooms.

The Smoking Gun notes that Beesmer was charged with a felony unlawful surveillance.

The New York State Police did not say exactly what was on the video shot by the $1,300 drone.

Beesmer wrote, in part, on his Facebook page:

I took my mom to a doctors appointment there.....and I took my drone up in the air to capture some very brief footage to show them.......I took the footage and went straight inside to tell them who I am and that I have some excellent footage.....

I was referred by the receptionist to another person who gave me the card to the owners of the building and was told I can contact them...after that while waiting for Mom another person from the facility came up and told me of her concern of privacy....

I assured her my camera cannot see inside windows and went out and got the footage to show her......she agreed that you cannot see any people only the building....and told me that the footage looks great and to contact the they definitely need promotion for this brand new building only two days in use...

...The fact that I went straight in and told them certainly makes it obvious that I did not do this for any NEGATIVE reasons.....only to do good!....I will not stop droning....this is the wave of the future...and I WILL be a part of it...

If convicted of the felony, Beesmer "will be a part of it" from inside prison.

Sources: The Smoking GunFacebook (Image Credit: Clément Bucco-Lechat)


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