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Man Accused Of Fatal Hit-And-Run In California Had Been Deported Six Times Previously

A man accused of a fatal hit-and-run in Santa Ana, California, on Nov. 3 has been frequently in and out of prison, holds a suspended driver's license and was deported from the United States for various crimes at least six times.

Ramon Jaime Horta, 55, was allegedly drunk when he struck and killed Marcello Bisarello, 24, with his vehicle at around 1:10 p.m., according to OC Weekly.  

After striking and killing Bisarello, Horta did not stop, but continued to drive. Horta was found and apprehended with the help of a good Samaritan, Cesar Guzman. Horta is currently facing charges of second-degree murder, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. 

OC Weekly reported that Guzman witnessed the grisly hit-and-run as it happened and decided to tail Horta, ultimately cornering him.

Guzman told ABC 7 that Horta denied hitting anyone or doing anything wrong when he confronted him.

Santa Ana police spokesperson Cpl. Anthony Bertagna revealed that Horta had multiple prior drunken driving convictions, reports OC Weekly. Horta also had four open beer cans in the 1995 Ford Windstar when he struck Bisarello.

Horta was deported from the United States on several prior occasions, dating 2001, 2002, 2006, 2009 and 2012, NBC 4 reports. Some of the convictions besides those explicitly for drunken driving included battery and drug possession.

According to OC Weekly, Senior Deputy District Attorney Mark Birney originally sought a $1 million bail for Horta. However, jail records show that Horta is currently being held without bail, most likely due to his multiple deportations and convictions.

Sources: OC WeeklyABC 7NBC 4 Los Angeles / Photo credit: SAPD via Orange County Register

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