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Man Accused of Biting, Beating Baby to Death; Man Blamed it on Neighbor's Dog

A Minnesota man allegedly bit and beat his infant son to death and blamed the child’s bite marks on a neighbor’s dog.

The Itasca County Attorney’s Office has filed second degree murder charges against Emery Jenkins on allegations he committed multiple acts of child abuse on his infant son, which led to his death.

As described in the criminal complaint, the police received a 911 call on Oct. 16 in regards to an unresponsive infant. The two-and-a-half-month old child was rushed to the hospital, but died the next day.

According to the statement of probable cause, Jenkins told police that he had dropped his son Joseph while in the shower on Oct. 9, and that the top of Joseph’s head hit the tub floor.

Investigators also alleged that the 38-year-old man claimed the baby had fallen from a swing, and that he had been “bitten by the neighbor’s dog while his son was in a car seat and wearing a monkey suit.”

Police allege that Joseph’s mother told a very different version of the story – in fact, the mother, identified in police documents only by her initials, told officers that Jenkins bit their son multiple times because the baby was crying. The mother said that Jenkins would not allow the baby to go to a scheduled medical appointment because he did not want the doctors and nurses to see the baby’s injuries.

Police said that Jenkins made up the story about the neighbor’s dog before he called 911.

As stated in the probable cause statement, the wounds from the bites were bleeding and the baby’s clothing had blood stains on them.

According to police documents, the infant’s autopsy showed severe blunt force trauma to his body, including a skull fracture and multiple rib fractures.

HLNTV reports that the medical examiner noted multiple abrasions and injuries to the infant’s chest, abdomen, hands, fingers, feet and toes, which may have been caused by “biting or a cutting object.”

The criminal complaint notes that when authorities executed a search warrant on Jenkins’ home, they seized multiple cutting objects as well as baby clothing that “appeared to contain dried blood on the chest area and two pillow cases that appeared to have blood.”

Jenkins is now being held without bail at the Itasca County Jail on a probation violation stemming from a 2011 felony assault conviction. Jenkins has numerous convictions dating back to 1995; included amongst them are assault, domestic violence, and DWI.

The Huffington Post reports that investigators also tracked down three other women who had children with Jenkins, all of whom reported that Jenkins had been violent towards them and their children.

Jenkins has pleaded not guilty. His next hearing will be on Jan. 12, 2015.

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Photo Sources: NY Daily News, Newsworks


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