Man Accused of Beheading 'Witchcraft' Victim, Watched Christian Videos


Isaiah Marin is accused of murdering Jacob Crockett with a “long knife or sword” in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on Wednesday.

According to police, Marin called 911 and said, “I murdered someone” and started “rambling about sacrificing and magic.”

Marin was found by police walking on State Highway 51, carrying a knife and drenched in blood, noted KFOR.

Police claim that Marin stated, "I hacked them to death with a machete.”

According to The Oklahoman, Stillwater Police Department Capt. Randy Dickerson said that Marin admitted “he had fantasized recently about committing multiple homicides” and Crockett was “one of his intended targets.”

Capt. Dickerson claimed the case had no religious implications, even though Crockett’s brother Jesse told police Marin is a “religious zealot” and “heavy drug user."

Marin’s brother Samuel said he watched online videos related to his Christian beliefs.

Samuel said he and his brother were playing cards while Crockett was in the room.

Later, Samuel told police that he heard a noise that he “described as the sound of someone getting stabbed. He stated he looked up and saw Jacob [Crockett] stand up and blood gushing from his chest” and saw his brother holding a knife.

Samuel added, "In the past Jacob and Isaiah had disagreements because Jacob and Jesse were practicing witchcraft and Isaiah had strong Christian beliefs."

A judge ordered that Marin be held without bail until his Dec. 1 court date.

Sources: The Oklahoman, KFOR (Image Credit: Payne County Jail Media Handout)


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