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Police: Man Beat Woman And Child, Head-Butted Deputy

A North Carolina man is in jail after he allegedly beat a woman and girl with a baseball bat and head-butted a deputy while being arrested.

Shaun Lacks, 39, was arrested after deputies were called to a home in Davidson County, North Carolina, for a report of assault, according to WGHP.

While responding to the call, deputies found a young girl in the road who told them she had run away from the home because of domestic abuse. The girl, who had signs of assault all over her body, said Lacks had beaten her with a baseball bat, according to WGHP. 

Deputies also found a woman in the home with similar injuries, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. The woman told deputies that Lacks refused to let her leave the house. 

Lacks was arrested, but reportedly didn't go without a fight, landing a head-butt on a deputy in the process. 

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Lacks has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, misdemeanor child abuse, assault on a female, communicating threats, assault on a government official, resisting a public officer, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with a minor present, assault on a child under 12 and interfering with emergency communications. 

He is currently being held without bail until his court date on Jan. 22. The sheriff's department did not clarify Lacks' relationship to the woman and girl.

Commenters on Facebook universally condemned Lacks, calling for him to remain in jail. 

"Please keep him locked up or he will probably kill her and the child," one commenter wrote on the Winston-Salem Journal's Facebook page. "He deserves no bond." 

"I'm so glad there was no bond," wrote another commenter. "This is an angry evil man."

"Seems to me with all the violence of every kind getting so much worse in [Davidson County] it's time for the judges to start handing out some harder sentences," wrote a commenter on WGHP's Facebook page. "This is getting out of hand. If someone doesn't do something soon [Davidson County] will bypass the larger counties on crime rate!"

"For any child abusers the punishment should fit the crime, exactly what was done to the child is the punishment the abuser gets," wrote another. "No lawyers, trials, etc." 

Other commenters took the opportunity to mock Lack's face tattoo. 

"From the facial tat I would have assumed this was someone with corporate CEO aspirations, not a child beater...who woulda knew," wrote one commenter. 

"He has a huge tattoo on his face," wrote another. "That obviously screams 'I'm a moron.'"

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