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Man Accidentally Trashes $1.25 Million In Winning Lotto Tickets

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A $1.25 million lottery prize went unclaimed last month after the Pennsylvania man with the winning numbers accidentally threw his tickets away.

The man generally plays 20 to 25 Quinto tickets every day with the same set of five numbers. When the numbers finally won on March 13, the man misread the numbers and trashed his tickets, which were valued at $50,000 a piece.

The Pennsylvania Lottery attempted to find the winner in February by asking players to “check the drawer by the sink, under the couch and in the glove box.”

Lottery spokesperson Lauren Bottaro said she sympathized with the winner, but that the unclaimed prize has returned to the lottery fund and can no longer be redeemed.

“We do what we can,” Bottaro said. “But sometimes, it’s just not enough.”

An employee of the Zhou Grocery that the man frequents said he was so mad after learning of the expired tickets that he played $400 in lottery that day.

Sources: NY Daily News, Newser


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