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Man Accidentally Shoots Wife, Shoots Her Second Time as Mercy Killing, Say Police

Kenneth Lankford pleaded not guilty last Thursday to murdering his wife Terry Lankford and another woman, Carol Fowler, in Black Forest, Colorado, in Nov. 2013.

Lankford, 47, also allegedly shot and wounded Fowler's husband.

Lankford reportedly told sheriff's detectives that he shot his wife as a mercy killing after a gun accidentally fired and injured her. Lankford allegedly told deputies that he shot both the Fowlers, reports KRDO.

According to the police report, Lankford claimed that he and Terry were at home when a man and a woman knocked at their front door.

Lankford and Terry went upstairs to hide because Lankford has a prior record. Lankford reportedly claims that his wife reached for his gun, the two struggled and she was accidentally shot.

"[Lankford] said Terry was making the most 'God-awful gurgling sound,' and he felt horrible, so he held the gun with both hands and shot her to put her out of her misery," Sheriff's Sgt. Greg White stated in his police report, notes

Lankford allegedly told deputies that he wanted to find who was knocking on the door, so he followed a car to the Fowler's home where he allegedly shot Thomas Fowler once in the face and Carol Fowler in the chest, collarbone and head.

"He said he didn't mean to shoot his wife, and he didn't mean to hurt the man, but that the woman's death was definitely a murder," said Sgt. White.

Lankford's mental stability has also been brought into question. He has admitted to smoking methamphetamine regularly, including the night before the murders.

Lankford is scheduled to go on trial in October.

Sources: ColoradoSprings.comKRDO


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