Man Accidentally Shot, Killed at Surprise Birthday Party

Cody Gorsline, 24, was accidentally shot in the head on Monday during a surprise birthday party at around 2 a.m. in Montoursville, Pa.

Gorsline was flown to a medical center near Danville, Pa., where he died.

According to the police report, Gorsline arrived at Derek Gair’s home for Gair’s surprise birthday party. Gorsline and Gair went to an upstairs room where Gair was going to show Gorsline his gun.

While both men were handling the gun, it went off and shot Gorsline in the head.

“We heard people crying, we heard them crying down the road,” neighbor Kim Navich told Newswatch 16. “It could have been an accident, on account of somebody thinking it was clean and then like kids, playing around thinking the gun is empty or the safety is on.”

Gair has not been charged, could be in the near future say State Police in Lycoming County.

Pennsylvania State Trooper T.R. Havens told the Associated Press that both men did drink alcohol during the birthday party.

Sources: Associated Press and Newswatch 16


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