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Man Accidentally Shoots Himself While Guarding Anti-Muslim Oklahoma Gun Store

A member of an armed citizens group guarding an anti-Muslim gun store in Oktaha, Oklahoma, accidentally shot himself with his .45 colt revolver on Aug. 18.

Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson said the unidentified man dropped his gun, which discharged a bullet into the man's arm outside the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear store, notes News On 6.

The store's owner Chad Neal placed a "Muslim-Free" sign in his window earlier this month, reported Religious News Service.

The store owner claims to have received deaths threats since putting up the anti-Muslim sign.

Armed citizens and veterans have been guarding the store, a situation which Pierson described to

"I saw several of those gentlemen out there yesterday. The way they were holding their weapons, with the fingers on the triggers, you can tell a couple of these gentlemen have no idea about weapons safety. It's like the Clampetts have come to town."

A pro-Muslim protester from Riverside, California, arrived at the gun store on Aug. 18.

Chris Martin, a Navy veteran of Desert Storm, told, "I just wanted to come here and express my disapproval (of the store's anti-Muslim sign). I'm a veteran, I fought for that right."

The owner of the gun store reportedly told his armed volunteers to get Martin and Martin's daughter off the property, and later asked Martin and the news media to leave.

Sources: News On 6, (2), Religion News Service / Photo credit: Save Yourself Logo


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