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Veteran Tries To Take Selfie With Loaded Gun, Accidentally Kills Himself

A 21-year-old man accidentally killed himself while trying to take a selfie with a loaded gun.

Oscar Otero Aguilar of Mexico City seemed to love taking pictures of himself prior to his death, but while attempting to take one with his gun, he accidentally shot himself in the head.

Manfredo Paez, Aguilar’s neighbor, said he heard a gunshot followed by screaming and quickly realized something bad had happened.

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"I called the police straight away," Paez said.

When police arrived, Aguilar was reportedly still alive, but unfortunately, the 21-year-old veteran died en route to the hospital. Now, the Ministry of Public Security says that the young man’s death was an accident and it did appear that he planned to post the picture on Facebook.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, International Business Times


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