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Man Accidentally Fires Gun In Church, Hides Gun (Video)

A handgun reportedly went off during an Easter vigil Mass inside the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on April 4.

The gun was inside a man's pants and discharged accidentally because the safety was not on, Altoona Police Officer Christy Heck told

The gun reportedly went off during the closing prayer (video below).

Jason Wagler, who attended the service with his fiancee, saw smoke after the gun discharged and took cellphone video.

Wagler told WTAE the man gave the gun to another churchgoer who partially hid it inside a church program, but Wagler captured an image of the weapon.

"It was like he was hiding the gun, yes, he didn't want it obvious didn't want it out there," Wagler told WTAJ.

The bullet reportedly grazed the man's hand, and he was taken to a local hospital, but charges have not yet been filed against him. The man has a permit to carry the gun.

Sources:, WTAE, WTAJ
Image Credit: WTAJ Screenshot


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