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Man Accidentally Confesses To Rape In Job Interview

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Authorities charged a West Virginian man with sexual assault after he unwittingly confessed to committing a startling date rape during an interview for a probation officer position.

On Feb. 8, during a pre-employment interview for the job, 21-year-old Tyler Ray Price of Nitro, West Virginia, admitted to the unlawful sex acts.

Price reportedly told his interviewer that he had sex with a woman after they'd been out drinking, and then further confessed that the woman was unconscious at the time, according to South Charleston Police Department's Sgt. A.R. Gordon, WCHS reports.

He also acknowledged that he had videotaped the encounter and kept the video on his phone.

It is unclear as to how the subject of Price's night was brought up during the interview, or under what circumstances the man confessed to the crime. Though, according to a criminal complaint, he talked to his interviewer about the crime explicitly and even brought up the video himself.

On Feb. 23, the South Charleston Police Department followed up on the admission and interviewed the woman in question to see if she had consented to having sex with Price.

The woman said she did not consented to the sex, and that she had no knowledge she had sex with him or of the subsequent recording. She admitted to consuming a lot of alcohol on the night of the incident.

She also said that on Feb. 8, the day of the interview, Price had called her to confess the crime and inform her of the video.

Price is being held in a local jail on $25,000 bond. Police charged him with second-degree sexual assault, and if convicted he could spend up to 25 years in prison, The New York Daily News reports.

The woman Price assaulted has not filed charges; they were brought by the police department when Price revealed his crime, and then filed the criminal complaint.

Police spokesman Lt. Pat Rader told WCHS that the interview started off well before the confession: "We always want to ensure we have the right people. We had got to know him a bit and it only when he came for an interview that it all went bad," according to the International Business Times.

"We just couldn't let this go," he added. "We are not hiring people of the street and just handing out guns and badges."

Police around the country have been tightening their protocols on the use of power following several high-profile cases of officer misconduct.

It is safe to say that Price is no longer in the running for this probationary officer position.

Sources: WCHS, New York Daily News, International Business Times / Photo Credit: WCHS/WHAV via New York Daily News

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